With the rollover feature for the Common App, students can get a jump start on applications prior to the official launch of the 2019-20 application on August 1, 2019. Keep in mind Common App will go offline and be unavailable starting in late July until the 2019-20 app launches August 1st.

Ready to get started? Go here and set-up your account then login to work on your future application.

Most, not all, of the application can be completed any time. When the student logs on August 1st or later their stored information will magically appear in the new application.  Here’s what rolls over:

  • Profile
  • Family
  • Education
  • Testing
  • Activities
  • Writing

Because of “new questions” or enhancements each year, once a student logs in August 1 or later, they will still need to go through each section to double check answers and complete anything new from the enhancements to the application.

Additionally, answering college-specific questions as well as inviting recommenders and advisor access will not be available until the new application launches.

Eliminate parent nagging and be nearly complete before senior year begins,

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9-hours of professionally led completion of your application!