In December, many juniors should already be testing

and some seniors should still be testing.

Both tests are given in December.


For juniors who have already or nearly completed algebra 2 and have not yet taken an ACT or SAT, December is the last logical chance before the free state ACT and SAT given at Ohio high schools in February and March. Check your Greater Cincinnati test dates here.

Because these algebra 2 completers are now “test ready”, LEAP recommends a first attempt, with test prep in advance, be taken by the New Year. This means if you took a baseline test without prep, now is an ideal time to take a LEAP prep class or individualized tutoring then test in December with a guarantee for improvement.

Classes start as early as November 1st,

but many tutoring students will want to start in October

– get your request in before we are full (we always fill)!

Hopefully, the free state test will then be your final attempt freeing students to focus on grades, college visits, and later applications.


December is typically the very last chance to test ahead of the latest college application deadlines; however, many deadlines will have already passed.

Increased merit scholarships are still possible at some colleges even after applying. A LEAP student once retook the ACT after high school graduation and still received an increased merit package from 50% off tuition to 75% at an out-of-state public university.  Some of these generous deadlines can be much earlier (even January 1st) so check with the colleges to which you applied to see if money is on the line!



  • Test Date: December 14
  • Registration Deadline: November 8
  • Score Release Starts: 12/26


  • Test Date: December 7
  • Registration Deadline: November 8
  • Score Release Starts: 12/20

TEST INFORMATION RELEASE FOR ACT! This is one of only 3 dates per years students can pay an extra fee to get a copy of the actual test questions, your answers and the correct answers. This can be a valuable tool for studying for future test dates, BUT these will take 6 – 8 weeks to receive after the test date. Sometimes they arrive too late to add value to the very next test date.