At LEAP we believe there is NO REASON to not be mostly finished

with the application process before school starts for senior year.

By following our proven timeline, students will beat all deadlines,

reduce stress (and parent nagging!) and enjoy being a senior.


A Few Notes….

  • RESUME: Our experience since 1999 shows putting the resume together early in high school has great benefit. It will be most used, however, after the junior year ends.
  • The PERSONAL STATEMENT (as it’s called on the Common App) will undoubtedly be THE SINGLE MOST time-consuming piece of the entire application process. Start early and finish before applications go live on August 1st. We have the current prompts listed here, so you can get started early. We also assist students in both group writing workshop settings in Cincinnati and virtually across the globe. Have a strong start and only need revision input? We do that too!
  • You can CREATE YOUR COMMON APP (or Coalition App) account anytime. Yes, even in 9th grade if you wish. This is due to Common App rollover that we detailed in another blog post.
  • Some colleges will have SUPPLEMENTAL ESSAYS. For instance, the University of Cincinnati historically has had one 250 word essay where some highly selective schools could have two or three additional essays. Often these topics aren’t available until August 1st which will leave you some writing to do after August 1. Therefore, this makes it even more important to do the other recommended pieces early!
  • REQUESTS: Each high school has its own method for transcript and recommendation requests. Wait until your senior meeting to move ahead with this part. However, you can request ACT and SAT scores once you are finished testing and know where you’ll apply.