For students who took advantage of Common App Roll Over & got an early start on college applications,

there are a few simple steps to move into the current year. We also have some tips on what to check for accuracy.


Login with your previous username and password; you’ll see this screen.

  • New this year is the Common App being used for “Transfer Students”, so if you are in high school be sure to check “First Year Student”.
  • Select the year you’ll start college. In most cases, if you are a senior, you’ll select 2018 or 2019. The typical senior will be starting college fall of 2019.
  • IF you previously entered your high school, the third question will verify if this is still your high school.
  • Tab 2 will be the legal wording on privacy, etc. Think HIPAA, FERPA type stuff. Easy!



Next Steps

  • Tab 3 is the “College List”. If you had previously added colleges to “My Colleges” and they appear in the “Dashboard”, you’ll need to check the box of any college to which you plan to apply. All other colleges will be deleted from your account.
  • Registration type is simply are you a STUDENT applying to college, a PARENT (wants a voyeur experience, but not applying), or COUNSELOR (like me!)
  • While you can select colleges to “roll over”, any advisers such as you school counselor or your LEAP counselor will not roll over. You’ll need to re-add any advisers.



Once these “Roll Over” steps are complete, you’ll be into your application. Things to look for:

  • On the right sidebar there will be green check marks for sections that are still complete.
    • Any section lacking a green check needs your attention to complete
  • If you add schools like Purdue or Ohio State, they require students to add all courses taken during high school appearing on the transcript as well as the grade received.
    • The section to do so will appear AFTER the “Writing” section and is called “Courses & Grades”.
    • You’ll need to have your transcript out to complete this section.
    • If you don’t have a college requiring this on your list, you cannot complete this section


LEAP’s goal for students is application completion by 11/1 if at all possible.

Need assistance getting there?

Check out our application services or email us to get a customized plan for completion.