Will your ACT or SAT scores limit your college choices?

Might college cost you thousands more than necessary?

Since 1999, LEAP’s proven approach to test prep has equipped thousands of students to maximize their ACT and SAT test scores to their full potential.

96% of students increase their scores after LEAP prep.

How do we do the same for you?  

  • Take our Course in Greater Cincinnati or Online, ideally before your first attempt
    • 12 hours of prep over 5 class meetings (more is not necessary!)
    • 25 or fewer students are in your class, never more
    • Strategies and practice for every type of question
    • Know the frequency of concepts tested
    • 3 completed ACT’s before you tackle the real thing
    • Students must purchase The Official ACT Prep Guide and/or The Official SAT Study Guide


For free we help you plan your individualized proper testing timeline including at least two attempts with the Ohio state testing date.

Request your individualized plan here.

Other programs cost you more money, more time with less attention from non-teachers…without the same results.