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Tutoring & Personal Learning

LEAP helps you navigate the college bound journey every step of the way.

College Counseling Consultation

With the average school counselor to student ratio 455 to 1, there are times a student and family can benefit from an individualized college expert.

Leverage LEAP's expertise on the college-bound journey to take a data-driven, professional and ethical approach.

Individual and family consultations are customized to meet your needs and goals. Meetings are available in-person and via web conference.

Email LEAP for more information or to schedule or give us a call at 513.754.2240.

Popular requests: college selection, resume review, understanding the admissions process, college budget and funding, and more!


College List Building

Don't navigate selecting a six-figure investment by what "feels right" or by flawed methodology.

Engage LEAP's seasoned college consulting experts and their experience since 1999 for a data-driven college list that fits.

- We pinpoint 12-15 colleges that match your intended major, geographic desire, financial parameters and anything of importance to your family

- College Fit Consultation can launch or refine your college search


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