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ACT increases average over 4 points, with a range up to 11 composite points. SAT increases average over 100 points.

ACT-SAT Prep Essential Web Course

Will your ACT or SAT scores limit your college choices? Might college cost you thousands more than necessary?

Since 1999, LEAP's proven approach to test prep has equipped thousands of students to maximize their ACT and SAT test scores to their full potential.

96% of students increase their score on a second attempt.

Course details and information here.


PSAT: Action Steps from Results


Learn from your PSAT score report how to make better college-bound decisions!

- Future ACT and SAT Success
- Do your scores indicate SAT instead of ACT
- Determining AP class readiness from scores
- Will your scores possibly qualify for National Merit

Test Planning Workshop (Free Webinar)

Lack of planning ACT/SAT testing dates results in more testing attempts and more money spent.

One testing plan does not fit all. Leave with a solid, individualized plan for YOUR child's college entrance testing saving you time and money.

In Ohio (& many other states!) ALL juniors now take the ACT or SAT at school each winter. Some students should test BEFORE the state test.