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College Applications

Stand out from the crowd of applicants.

Application Review

Before you hit "submit", have expert eyes proofread your application for correctness, maximizing best promotion of the student and more. This includes the Common App and up to 4 college supplements OR individual college application. This does not include essay coaching.


College Counseling Consultation

Leverage LEAP's expertise on the college bound journey to take a data driven, professional and ethical approach.

Individual and family consultations are customized to meet your needs and goals. Meetings are available in-person and via web conference.

Email LEAP for more information or to schedule or give us a call at 513.754.2240.

Popular requests: college budget and funding, college list, and more!


College List Building

Don't navigate selecting a six figure investment by what "feels right" or by flawed methodology.

Engage LEAP's seasoned college consulting experts and their experience since 1999 for a data driven college list that fits.

- We pinpoint 12-15 colleges that match your intended major, geographic desire, financial parameters and anything of importance to your family

- College Fit Consultation can launch or refine your college search


College Selection Strategies & Resources: How to Build a College List

There are over 4,000 colleges in the U.S. How do you select the best fit for YOU?

We unearth THE BEST FREE (and often hidden) resources on the web & show you how to use them on your journey to college.

~Identify the data that matters in choosing a college and where to find it for free
~Determine which colleges MUST hear from you BEFORE application to get in, i.e. don't be a stealth applicant!
~Which admission factors matter most at each college
~Calculating ACTUAL cost beyond the sticker price
~How to find similar colleges to the one you love AND MORE!

Attend for the cost equal to that of ONE college application submission.


College Application Essay Coaching (Online/Virtual)

THE most stressful & time consuming part of the application is the "Personal Statement" (aka essay). Students must distinguish themselves by finding their voice and showing how much more they are beyond grades, coursework and test scores.

Your essay is approximately 20% of the admission decision. LEAP's coaching staff interacts with dozens of colleges each year. What do they want from your essay?

-Learn what you value
-Discern what you'll add to their campus; do you fit?
-How well do you write?

We are experts at teaching you how to tap into your inner voice that needs to be heard.

Our Virtual Coaching Process
1. LEARN: Watch video on essay development.
2. BRAINSTORM: Submit 3 free writes to LEAP essay coach
3. BRAINSTORM: Phone consultation with essay coach to choose prompt
4. WRITE: Submit rough draft to coach via email who returns feedback via email
5. REVISE: Submit a second draft with changes; coach returns feedback
6. POLISH: Submit final copy to make it correct

Additional sessions are available as requested.


Resume Workshop

1/3 of college applications require or recommend uploading a resume. Be ready!

Let LEAP guide you in how to highlight your accomplishments to grab the attention of colleges. Your resume will meet college application requirements & word count maximum to easily transfer into the application in the senior year.

Read a student's journey from resume feedback to a full ride scholarship to OSU.

Read more here to figure out if your college applications need a resume.