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College Consulting

LEAP helps you navigate the college-bound journey every step of the way.

We are 100% virtual/online during Coronavirus. Questions? Contact Us!

College Counseling Consultation

With the average school counselor to student ratio 455 to 1, there are times a student and family can benefit from an individualized college expert.

Leverage LEAP's expertise on the college-bound journey to take a data-driven, professional and ethical approach.

Individual and family consultations are customized to meet your needs and goals. Meetings are available in-person and via web conference.

Email LEAP for more information or to schedule or give us a call at 513.754.2240.

Popular requests: college selection, resume review, understanding the admissions process, college budget and funding, and more!

We are Coronavirus ready!

With school closures, LEAP is offering virtual/online LIVE meeting consultations - we actually always do!
Those who want to wait for in-person, we hope that's sooner rather than later!


College List Building

Don't navigate selecting a six-figure investment by what "feels right" or by flawed methodology.

Engage LEAP's seasoned college consulting experts and their experience since 1999 for a data-driven college list that fits.

- We pinpoint 12-15 colleges that match your intended major, geographic desire, financial parameters and anything of importance to your family

- College Fit Consultation can launch or refine your college search


Fit 2 Flourish, Birkman Method® Coaching

16,000 hours: Amount of time in school kindergarten through high school. 90,000 hours: Amount of time the average American will work.

You better LOVE what you DO!

Through a multi-dimensional scientifically reliable tool, The Birkman Method®, coupled with LEAP’s Personal Profile, we discover best match, economically stable careers where you look like the people already doing them and loving them. We then identify the pathways that lead to these positions.

Read the article where Forbes highlighted how our coaching improves your return on college investment.

We serve both students making career choices and adults in career transition or wanting to increase self-understanding and maximize effectiveness.

Benefit from the industry leader in personality assessments where your personal strength behaviors, underlying needs, stress behaviors and what motivates you are measured. Procter & Gamble, Wal-Mart, NASA and colleges such as Emory, Colgate and University of South Carolina all are Birkman users.

Join the 2900+ flourishing LEAP Birkman Clients guided by a Birkman Master Certified Professional – the highest level of Birkman certification achieved by only 3% of Birkman professionals.

For those in the Greater Cincinnati or Philadelphia areas, the debrief can be completed in person; all other coaching is effectively accomplished through web conference. Request sample reports .


What the Class of 2021 Learned the Hard Way!

The uncertainty of COVID and changing times have changed (or should!) the critical steps on the college-bound journey to be application ready when the senior year begins.

From their successes and misses, join us and learn what advice the class of 2021 students and parents (and LEAP) have for underclassmen. Identify who is feeling prepared to submit applications this fall and who is stressing because they would have done things differently had they known COVID was coming.

Leave being prepared to be application ready by doing the right things at the right time.

Intended audience: parents and student class of 2022 and 2023.

Individual Tutoring, Grades 7 - 12

LEAP's experienced teachers assist students in tapping into full academic potential.

Grades are the #1 factor in getting into your best-fit college. Achieve better understanding, improved grades, and higher test scores.

You don't pay your registration fee until your tutoring time is confirmed. No minimum contract. Tutoring billed monthly.

COVID Re-entry Plan!

We continue to offer online tutoring daily during the week.

In-Person Tutoring Option: available starting 8/1 with limited availability. Let us know your preference.

$60/session online, $70/session in-person

$50 annual registration fee

Practical Approach to College (PAC)

The road to college for every high school student has several different paths that must be traveled. In this time of increasing college admission standards, LEAP has put together the Practical Approach to College (PAC) program. With this package, you are getting the best of LEAP's experience since 1999 down each pathway of the college process at a package price. Your family will be well equipped and never miss a deadline. Included are services exclusive to those in the PAC program:

~Family Seminars: College Selection Seminar and College Application Seminar
~Student Workshops: Resume Development Workshop and College Essay Writing Workshop
~Individual Essay Review
~ACT-SAT Prep Essentials Course
~Personal College Advisor to keep you on track and answer your questions.


On-Demand Resume Workshop

- Learn how to highlight your accomplishments to grab the attention of colleges.

- What activities are considered high value (and low!) by colleges.

- Professional input on how to close gaps and add value to your activities.

- Get your templates and actively work in them to use on future applications and to create a traditional resume which 1/3 of colleges require, recommend or allow in your application

Let LEAP guide you in how to highlight your accomplishments to grab the attention of colleges. Your resume will meet college-application requirements & word-count maximum to easily transfer into the application in the senior year.

Read a student's journey from resume feedback to a full ride scholarship to OSU.

Read more here to figure out if your college applications need a resume.

Originally offered as a LIVE webinar workshop in 4/1/20, we've made this available On-Demand due to many family requests.

Your purchase includes: 70-minute video, 14 page curriculum, 2 templates.


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