For those who’ve completed LEAP’s Fit 2 Flourish Coaching based around The Birkman Method, Acceptance scores indicate how an individual relates to groups: Group v. Alone.

“Usual” scores indicate one’s personal strength behavior.  So whether to the high end of the scale with 99 being the highest possible score or low end 1, it’s your personal strength to embrace!  Those with the high scores appear to others as outgoing and gregarious who enjoy the group.  On the opposite end of the scale individuals are quiet and independent from the group with a preference for engaging one-on-one.

The “Need” score is one’s expectation of how they perceive (actually desire) others to behave. The same high and low definitions stated above still hold true on this side of the Components report.

So what’s your style?  Average scores are Usual 75 and Need 50.

  • High Usual/Low Need is the typical pattern for most people in society. They see themselves as more outgoing than others to are and wanting to be somewhat free to varying degrees from social demands. We might call this person an Ambivert when especially if his or her scores are in the intense ranges.
  • Low Usual/Low Need thinks and works independently and enjoys working alone. The lower the scores the more intense the independence from the social group is. A strength of independence often earns the label introvert.
  • High Usual/High Need people say group, group, group! They are friendly and don’t need a break from the group. These are our true extroverts.
  • Low Usual/High Need style looks very independent as they approach life, however has a hidden need to have the acceptance and support of the group.

These styles dictate how we behave socially and will impact our work style and the type of work one will pursue with satisfaction.  Want to be certain your group orientation fits with the work you want to do? Consider our Fit 2 Flourish Coaching. To truly assess extroversion and introversion, a trained Birkman consultant looks beyond just the Acceptance scores to also Esteem and Authority and others.