A journey with 4,000 possible destinations deserves a seasoned guide!

LEAP journeys with students through all pieces of the college bound journey. It’s a road with many stops along the way before the final destination.

While tens of thousands have thought of us for test prep since 1999, many don’t realize we work with hundreds to find that best fit college, assist in the application process then the final decision.

That’s what an IEC, or Independent Educational Consultant, does. At LEAP our counselors work with small groups and 1:1 with families across the globe. Seriously – our list includes such countries as Mexico, Brazil, Germany, England, Hong Kong and India.

We work to compliment your school’s college counseling program or

be your program, if you don’t have one!

The average public school counselor serves 482 students and

only 20% of their time

is spent on post high school options.

This includes sending transcripts and recommendation letters, not related to advising students. If you attend a private school, your odds are better where 31% of their time is spent on post high school.

100% of the focus at LEAP

is on the College Bound Journey!

And here is the final destination of our students.