Starting in 2017, all Ohio juniors began taking either the ACT or SAT at their high school in the spring as many in other states have been doing for years. Nearly all Ohio schools opted for the ACT given on February 27th or March 20th in 2018. Students who’ve take the ACT before on their own have noticed these states results are slower than national test date results to arrive.

When the test scores do arrive, they won’t be by the usual method.  So when and how will you get your scores? If you have an existing ACT account, how will they magically make their way over there? LEAP has your answers!

On test day, students completed a form which included their name, birth date and home address among other pieces of personal information. This is key to getting your state results and the merging with your existing account.

As always, scores are released in batches over a period of weeks; this is why your friend may already have his or her scores, and you don’t have yours. A call to ACT in Iowa revealed the window for receiving state scores will be 3 – 8 weeks post test date with most in the 4 – 6 week window. For national test dates, scores can be received as early as 10 days post test.

Another difference is state results will be sent first via paper to your home mailing address provided on test day; your high school is also receiving a paper copy.

What if you already have an ACT account due to testing prior to the state test or already registering to test at a later date? Your state scores should get matched to your existing account within two weeks of your paper report being received. The computer is looking at the personal information you provided on test day to match with that in your existing account.

What if your state scores never magically appear in your existing account? First, give it two weeks from the time of receiving your paper report for the “magic” to happen. If it hasn’t happened in that time frame, call ACT Customer Care at 319-337-1270 for assistance. Your school counselor can’t fix this for you, so please don’t bring them this question during this busy time of year.

What if the state test is your first test or interaction with ACT? How do they get into an online account? Wait until your paper report is received. On this report is an I.D. #. Once you have that number, go to the ACT website and create an account. Students are asked if they’ve ever taken the ACT before. Answer “yes”. You’ll then be prompted to provide your I.D. #. This should set-up your account you can use to register for future test dates and all scores should be in this account moving forward.

Update as of 3/19/2018

  • Scores are beginning to trickle in. LEAP has heard from our students in various parts of the state that scores are being received for the February 27th ACT.
  • Retesting in June or July? We have prep classes available. It’s best to conclude ACT and SAT testing before August of the senior year if at all possible. This leaves time to focus on college applications.
  • Unsure if you should retest or if prep is necessary? Request a FREE consult via email by starting with our form.
  • We expect the earliest March 20th results will come in is the week of April 9th.