Registration: LEAP Ahead Summer Individual Tutoring
June 8 - August 7, 2015

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LEAP Ahead Summer Tutoring benefits students who want to catch-up, maintain their success or build new skills to pull-ahead in the new school year in the fall. Summer, when there is no schoolwork, is an ideal time for addressing past learning gaps which hamper students' success in school. The focus of tutoring can be anything!

7th Grade through College Bound
Instruction can focus on specific subject areas or skill sets including reading, writing and math. We also offer support for summer school classes or distance learning, OGT and more.

If students are registered prior to the end of the current school year, LEAP is able to consult with classroom teachers for input on summer tutoring goals.

This works just as our Individual Tutoring during the school year does with the added advantage of a faster pace and more ground covered.

Times Vary with morning, afternoon and evening availability. Summer Registration Fee is $20 for families who did not tutor during the school year with LEAP. No registration fee for families who tutored during the 2012-13 school year.

Cost: $50 per hour

Registration Fee: $20
(for students who did not tutor with LEAP during the school year)

Only the registration fee is charged at the time of tutoring. We will apply the registration fee to current client's tutoring.

Please complete form below to register and submit payment. Separate registration is required for each student.

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Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please complete a separate registration for each student.