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FREE! Test Planning Workshop

Wednesday, June 7th, 6:30 - 8:00 pm EST,

This workshop is open to parents of sophomores / Class of 2019!

Before the junior year begins, it is crucial to plan a well thought out testing timeline around the "free" state spring testing date. Join us for this interactive workshop where you'll leave with a solid, individualized plan for your child's college entrance testing which will optimize college admission.

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FREE ACT Diagnostic & Practice Test

Tuesday, June 6th @ 8:30 a.m. Mason (Hope Church)

This is a FREE, actual, retired ACT test students will take in a timed setting identical to an actual ACT test day.

IMPORTANT: Open to students in the class of 2019 (current sophomores) who've not previously taken LEAP's ACT-SAT Prep Essentials Course or Tutoring.

This test administration measures college readiness skills, will familiarize students with the ACT, and provide important data to plan for actual testing and test preparation. Through identifying strengths and weaknesses, students can have early awareness and intervention with LEAP to strengthen skills prior to ACT and SAT testing. When Pre-ACT and/or ACT results are coupled with PSAT results, students will also know on which test they are likely to do better, the ACT or SAT.

Cost: FREE for students who've NOT take LEAP's ACT-SAT Prep Essentials Course

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ACT-SAT Prep Essentials Course - $219


Your ONLY LOCAL test prep choice with OPTIONS individually tailored for YOU:

General strategies practice or targeted, focused instruction.
Group classes or private, individual coaching.

ACT and/or SAT.

YOU CHOOSE! Getting results since 1999.

The course consists of four - 2 hour strategy sessions: English, Mathematics, Reading/Science and Essay taught by top-notch math and English teachers. Each strategy session includes introduction to the ACT and SAT tests, explanation of strategies for particular questions, group practice of strategies, independent practice and question/answer time. The class also includes the administration of a three-hour multiple choice actual ACT test that is scored and students can keep for review. At the conclusion of the course, students will have completed at least 3 full ACT's and 1 SAT. Students must purchase The Official ACT Prep Guide (approximately $25) and if also taking the SAT, The Official SAT Study Guide. All courses limited to 18 students, but we offer several opportunities each time to accommodate many students and a variety of scheduling needs.

Note that one of the five classes will be 3 hours and 30 minutes in length to allow for a full-length timed ACT administration. This is an actual ACT that is scored and students get to keep for further review.

RESULTS SINCE 1999! If you show up and put the work in, expect 2 to 6 points on an ACT composite and at least 100 points on the SAT total. ACT subtest improvements as high as 11 points because we target to resolve your individual testing issues. Click here to read client testimonials.


There will be multiple classes that lead to each test date year-round. Don't delay - classes will fill.

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College Essay Essentials Workshop - $95

Learn how to write a unique essay for college applications that will grab that attention of college admissions officers! The essay that accompanies the application is one of the few opportunities to be more than a number... ACT, SAT, GPA and class rank. LEAP's experience since 1999 has assisted students in optimizing admission through a compelling essay.

*90 minute workshop
*Samples of excellent essays
*Instruction Manual on how to write an effective essay
*Tips for editing content to meet minimum and maximum word requirements
*1-hour individual revision session with a LEAP writing coach; scheduled at the student's convenience after the rough draft is complete.

Workshop dates to put you ahead of the application curve: June 22, July 11, August 9.

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Resume Workshop - $40

Having a strong resume is essential to college admittance. Activities including athletics, community services, work, internships, clubs and awards are one of the few subjective pieces to the college application. In this LEAP workshop, students are actively engaged in identifying their activities for their resume and formatting it to highlight student success and catch college admissions officers' attention. LEAP will also provide feedback on where to bulk up the resume and how to use the resume to Stand Out from the Crowd. This workshop will save time on future college and scholarship applications and give your student an edge.

Tuesday June 27th, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. @ Mason (Hope Church)

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College Fit Consultation - College List Building

Proper College Fit Based on Family Priorities

Don't navigate selecting a six figure investment by what "feels right" or by flawed methodology. Engage LEAP's seasoned college consulting experts and their experience since 1999 for a data driven college list that fits.

- We pinpoint 12-15 colleges that match your iintended major, geographic desire, financial parameters and anything of importance to your family

- College Fit Consultation can launch or refine your college search

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College Application Camp - $199

Be prepared to complete the college application process before November 1st early deadlines which are often tied to scholarships. By attending & engaging, students will have little to do in the process once school starts!

Your application coaches are:

-Seasoned independent college counselors who regularly engage with dozens of college admission & financial aid officers
-Expert writing coaches whose students have been admitted to state flagships, elite colleges and Ivy League

Discounts for those who've taken other LEAP programs.

2 Sessions: July and August @ Mason (Hope Church) - You Choose!

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College Application Essay Coaching - Online/Virtual - $175

The essay is an opportunity to: establish the student's voice; market the student; stand out from the crowd! Learn how to write a unique essay for college applications that will grab that attention of college admissions officers! The essay that accompanies the application is one of the few opportunities to be more than a number...ACT, SAT, GPA and class rank. LEAP's experience since 1999 has assisted students in optimizing admission through a compelling essay.

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PSAT - ACT - SAT Individual Tutoring - $50 per hour

LEAP has tutored thousands of students prepping for testing including those striving to meet college readiness benchmarks as well as National Merit Finalists. This is for students needing content instruction in addition to strategies and practice. The advantage here is highly individualized instruction to meet the student's needs for college entrance. Individual tutoring can be done instead of the strategies course, in addition to or after for further improvement. There is a registration fee of $40 for those who have not taken ACT-SAT Prep Essentials. You will be charged for the first hour at the time of registration and the registration fee later, if required.

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ACT Practice Test - $25

LEAP allows a limited number of individual students to join our ACT-SAT Prep Essentials Course for the ACT multiple-choice practice test. This retired ACT is given in a timed setting in a pencil-to-paper format just like the actual test. Students are able to keep their test and results. Students can then use their results to prepare for testing on their own or include review of their results in LEAP's Individual ACT-SAT Prep Essentials Tutoring.

Next tests @ Mason (Hope Church) are:

B: Saturday, May 27th, 8:30 a.m. - Noon

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LEAP Fit 2 Flourish, Birkman Method® Coaching

Proper FIT Based on Individual Wiring Leads to FLOURISH

Since 1951, the Birkman Method® has been an industry leader in personality assessment assisting over 3.5 million participants with dialing into their hard wiring. Leading companies such as Procter & Gamble, Wal-Mart and NASA use the Birkman as well as Emory University, Colgate and the University of South Carolina. This multi-dimensional tool focuses on measuring usual behaviors, underlying needs, stress behaviors and interests to reveal multiple ingrained personality dimensions. This information combined with a student's academic profile directs the student in discovering best match, economically safe careers, the college majors that lead to those positions and the schools respected for these majors.

If a student can start college having chosen a major and career path confident needs will be met, interests embraced and stresses avoided then the 4-year graduation rate sky rockets saving thousands in future tuition.

Students take the 45-minute online assessment in the comfort of their home. Once your Birkman and LEAP Student Profile are complete, we marry the two sets of information into best fit suggestions for the individual student. Families receive via email Birkman results, Birkman Career Report & 25 page LEAP Fit 2 Flourish report with career fit list.

Start with the 40+ year career & work back to college fit!

We now have 2 options!

-A: Online Coaching and -B: With Coaching Consult

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Candid Career, 6 month subscription

Watch thousands of 1-3 minutes informational video interviews featuring industry professionals through an easy to use website. Candid Career provides the inside scoop on careers as well as advice that will give you an edge in your job search. It's the perfect accompaniment to LEAP Fit 2 Flourish Coaching.

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Efficient and Effective Study Habits - Grades 7-11 - $80

Developing a solid study habits foundation is crucial to academic success. Having the right strategies for an individual student, can not only improve academic success, but also cut down on study time. Junior high and high school students are taught strategies which center on identifying personal learning style, organization, time management, reading, vocabulary building, test taking, and more. This LEAP developed curriculum is in a small-group setting with 5 classes including 15 or fewer students.

A. DAILY, Monday - Friday, August 7 - 11

Cost: $80

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Individual Tutoring Grades 7 through 12 - $50 per hour

The stakes have never been higher when it comes to school success, particularly for those who are college bound. With high school comes a heightened sense of academic independence and more challenging courses. LEAP's individual tutoring for students can focus in a number of areas. Students simply needing academic assistance in a particular course can work individually with an instructor who has experience in this particular subject. Other students, lack the study habits needed to navigate more rigorous course work; again, LEAP tutoring can help. Still others need to focus attention on building skills for current and future success including active reading strategies with vocabulary building, grammar and effective writing, mathematics, Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) preparation, and ACT-SAT-PSAT preparation for college bound students.

LEAP's tutoring is individual because your child is an individual. LEAP will consult with you as well as your child's academic team at school, if desired. Together we will set goals for instruction and match your child with an ideal tutor with whom they can build a positive and caring relationship. Our enrollment is rolling, year-round and you do not have to sign lengthy and costly contracts for service. As long as instruction is working and needed, we continue on your terms. You will be charged the registration fee only at the time of registration. Tutoring is billed monthly.

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Practical Approach to College (PAC)

The road to college for every high school student has several different paths that must be traveled. In this time of increasing college admission standards, LEAP has put together the Practical Approach to College (PAC) program. With this package, you are getting the best of LEAP's experience since 1999 down each pathway of the college process at a package price. Your family will be well equipped and never miss a deadline. Included are services exclusive to those in the PAC program:

~Family Seminars for College Selection and College Application
~Student Workshops for Resume Development and College Essay Writing
~Individual Essay Review
~ACT-SAT Prep Essentials Course guaranteed early registration to the class of your choice.
~Personal College Advisor to keep you on track and answer your questions.

Register now to begin equipping your child to Stand Out from the Crowd. PAC services continue from time of registration through the senior year.

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Private College Guidance - Call for pricing & scheduling

For families desiring the most individualized approach for their college bound student of any age, LEAP Private College Guidance may be the best choice. Each of our advisors has worked with college bound high school students for over 20 years. We started by teaching in the classroom and transitioned to the private sector for college advising. Whether your junior high student is embarking on high school and wanting to build a 4-year high school schedule for success or you are nearing the end of your college selection and application journey, our college advisors can step in at any stage to help maximize for success!

Since 1999, we have advised countless students in making the most of their time in high school so they are what colleges want. We firmly believe there is a best fit college out there for every student. LEAP students have strong resumes highlighting active and engaged students, well thought out 4-year high school plans with appropriate rigor, an eye on best-fit economically sound future careers and the majors that lead to them, the ability to market themselves to the colleges so they stand out from the crowd and are regularly achieving their dreams.

The success of our approach is our students' results.

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