Programming for Grade 7 through College

LEAP offers academic enrichment and assistance throughout the school year for students in all grades and most subjects including math, reading, writing, science, Spanish, study habits, ACT-SAT-PSAT preparation, OGT preparation, and OAT preparation. LEAP programs can help your child catch-up, maintain their success or build new skills to pull-ahead.

Individual Tutoring

LEAP's tutoring is individual because your child is an individual. LEAP will consult with you as well as your child's academic team at school, if desired. Together we will set goals for instruction and match your child with an ideal tutor with whom they can build a positive and caring relationship. Our enrollment is rolling, year-round and you do not have to sign lengthy and costly contracts for service. As long as instruction is working and needed, we continue on your terms.

Middle School/Junior High Tutoring

The transition to middle school and/or junior high does not come without challenges personally and academically for most students. This new territory can be the first bump in the academic road for many students who perhaps never had to study before to be successful. LEAP's assistance with this age group concentrates individual attention on specific classes as well as on developing proper study habits that will transfer into high school as well.

High School Tutoring

The stakes have never been higher when it comes to high school success, particularly for those who are college bound. With high school comes a heightened sense of academic independence and more challenging courses. LEAP's individual tutoring for high schoolers can focus in a number of areas. Students simply needing academic assistance in a particular course or more can work individually with an instructor who has experience in this particular subject. Other students, lack the study habits needed to navigate more rigorous course work; again, LEAP tutoring can help. Still others need to focus attention on building skills for current and future success including active reading strategies with vocabulary building, grammar and effective writing, mathematics, Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) preparation, and ACT-SAT-PSAT preparation for college bound students.

Efficient & Effective Study Habits 7-12


Developing a solid study habits foundation is crucial to academic success. Having the right strategies for an individual student, can not only improve academic success, but also cut down on study time. Junior high and high school students are taught strategies which center on identifying personal learning style, organization, time management, reading, vocabulary building, test taking, and more. This LEAP developed curriculum can be taught with individual tutoring or one of our small-group, 5 session classes. LEAP classes held at our Mason location always have 10 or fewer students. Classes are held August through April and registration forms are available on the LEAP website. Students are accepted first come, first serve via mail.

LEAP's ACT-SAT Prep Essentials Course


LEAP has developed our own, unique curriculum that can be taught individually or in one of our small-group (15 or fewer students) classes. As LEAP is the anti-franchise, you will find our program to be affordable and personal.

At the center of our approach are these core beliefs:

  • Prep can benefit All students
  • Pupil to teacher ratio should be low
  • Periods of lengthy lecture are exhausting
  • Practice should be pencil to paper just like the tests
  • Parent involvement makes a difference which is why parents get weekly emails
  • Practice for one test benefits both
  • Practice, practice, practice is the key!

LEAP has a two-phased approach to ACT and SAT preparation. Our philosophy allows students, in a small group setting, to get some test preparation without committing to a high number of sessions and costly fees while still allowing for intense preparation for those who need and want such. Families who desire only individual instruction may choose this option and forego the phase one class.

Phase One: Strategies Course

The course consists of four, 90 minute strategy sessions: English, Mathematics, Reading/Science, and Essay. Each strategy session includes introduction to the ACT and SAT tests, explanation of strategies for particular questions, group practice of strategies, independent practice and question/answer time. The class also includes the administration of a three-hour ACT retired test that is scored and students can keep reviewing. At the conclusion of the course, students will have completed at least 3 full ACTs and 1 optional SAT. All courses limited to 15 students, but we offer several opportunities each time to accommodate many students.

Phase Two: ACT/ SAT Individual Tutoring

After students have taken their first test and have received their scores, students may register for individual tutoring to strengthen weak areas prior to their next testing attempt. The advantage here is highly individualized instruction to meet the student's needs for college entrance.

Registration starts approximately one month prior to each class and is first come, first serve by online registration on the LEAP website. There is at least one class available prior to each test date year-round. Classes are held at LEAP's Mason site, local schools or your site. Contact LEAP for more information on our Remote Location Program.

PSAT Preparation


For most sophomores and juniors, the PSAT is an excellent practice test that accounts for nothing more than practice. For select juniors at the top of test takers in the sophomore year, they have the potential to be a National Merit Qualifier. National Merit is a national scholarship competition and a high honor. The PSAT is the first step in the National Merit Scholarship competition. In 2010, LEAP students qualifed as both National Merit Semi-Finalist and Commended Student.

High scoring sophomores should consider preparing for the PSAT they will take in mid-October of their junior year. LEAP prepares these students individually with our focused and individualized tutoring program either the summer prior to the junior year or in the fall of the junior year.

Grammar for the ACT, SAT & College


Colleges indicate they desire applicants with a strong grammar foundation. Excellent grammar skills are a component of effective writing. Unfortunately, ACT results show only 67% of those tested are ready for college level English.

Today most high schools no longer approach grammar as intensely as they did when past generations went through school. To bridge this gap, LEAP has developed our own curriculum, Grammar of the ACT, SAT & College. Our approach reviews grammar rules assessed on both college entrance exams, provides practice of the rules individually then provides practice within the context of mock ACT and SAT questions.

LEAP Ahead Summer Tutoring


LEAP Ahead Summer Tutoring benefits students who want to catch-up, maintain their success or build new skills to pull-ahead in the new school year in the fall. Summer, when there is no schoolwork, is an ideal time for addressing past learning gaps which hamper students' success in school.

This works just as our Individual Tutoring during the school year does with the added advantage of a faster pace and more ground covered.

Annual Summer Enrichment Week in August


Each August, LEAP hosts students in all grades for small-group instruction focused on school readiness. LEAP's classes in school readiness, reading, study habits and ACT-SAT preparation are a great way to kick-off the school year.