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LEAP helps you navigate the college bound journey every step of the way.

Application Strategies for Admission (Webinar)

Boost admission by completing stand-out applications on time, in the right order, error free with great recommendation letters.

Get these answers and MORE!

*In what order you should do your applications based on the type of admission & notification policies?
*Which test scores to send?
*What piece of your application should be submitted first?
*Who to ask for recommendations and how to get better letters than your peers?
*When you'll find out if you're "in" and what to do if you are wait listed?
*What the danger is in paying a college deposit before April?

Attend and receive:

2018-19 FAFSA Preview
List of CSS Profile schools for financial aid
Senior Application Checklist


College List Building

Don't navigate selecting a six figure investment by what "feels right" or by flawed methodology.

Engage LEAP's seasoned college consulting experts and their experience since 1999 for a data driven college list that fits.

- We pinpoint 12-15 colleges that match your iintended major, geographic desire, financial parameters and anything of importance to your family

- College Fit Consultation can launch or refine your college search



Fit 2 Flourish, Birkman Method® Coaching

Since 1951, the Birkman Method® has been an industry leader in personality assessment assisting over 3.5 million participants with dialing into understanding their hard wiring which then leads to assessing FIT so one can FLOURISH.

Leading companies such as Procter & Gamble, Wal-Mart and NASA use the Birkman as well as Emory University, Colgate and the University of South Carolina.

This multi-dimensional scientifically reliable tool focuses on measuring personal strength behaviors, underlying needs & expectations, stress behaviors and interests to reveal multiple ingrained personality dimensions.

This information combined with an individual's LEAP Profile directs in discovering best match, economically safe careers, including the pathways that lead to those positions.

Already in a career, but want to increase self-understanding and maximize effectiveness to flourish? Fit 2 Flourish is the key!

Request sample reports to info@LEAProgram.com.


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