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ACT or SAT. Individual or Group. Or a hybrid of both.
Let LEAP customize your perfect prep solution.

ACT - SAT - PSAT Individual Tutoring

Don't force yourself into a package not customized for YOU!

- Evaluation: We gather details about YOU identifying strengths, weakness and goals.

- Recommendation: After a thorough analysis of your data, personal needs, & future goals we create a highly individualized prep plan. No two plans are alike! Some are weighted more heavily to content while others focus on strategy and others are a hybrid.

- Match: We match you to a tutor whose expertise meets your needs and whose schedule is open when yours is. The earlier you make your request, the wider availability of times. Before each meeting, you’ll receive reminders of your session.

- Preparation: We meet at least once per week (sometimes more) every week leading to test day. It’s important that all sessions are attended as our recommendation is based on tens of thousands of students’ success since 1999. After every session, parents receive a detailed progress report including homework assigned for practice.

96% of LEAP students increase scores! We guarantee improvement - learn more here.

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We are currently near capacity for 1:1 July prep, but taking 1:1 requests for the August/September testing and fall PSAT!



Registration Fee: $50 (you will only be charged $25 if your child has taken LEAP's prep COURSE previously)

ACT-SAT Planning Workshop

Did you know there is an 8-month window in which a student should take the first ACT or SAT?
There's a downside to starting too early or late!

Lack of planning ACT/SAT testing dates results in more testing attempts and more money spent.

Attend and learn:

-The best first attempt date for YOU (no one-size fits all!)
-How often and when to test
-How to create a testing timeline that will avoid testing during the daunting college application season
-A triage plan if you are behind

Leave with a solid, individualized plan for your child's college entrance testing saving you time and money.

100% of previous attendees enthusiastically say LEAP should offer this again and again!


ACT-SAT Prep Essentials Course

Will your ACT or SAT scores limit your college choices?
Might college cost you thousands more than necessary?

12 instructional strategy hours over 5 meetings = HIGHER SCORES.

96% of LEAP students increase scores! We guarantee improvement - learn more here.

18 students per class. Small by design for focused attention. Classes will fill.

Course details and information here.

Prefer 1:1 individualized tutoring? More info here.

Live outside Greater Cincinnati? Learn about our webinar class.


ACT-SAT Prep Essential Web Course

Will your ACT or SAT scores limit your college choices? Might college cost you thousands more than necessary?

Since 1999, LEAP's proven approach to test prep has equipped thousands of students to maximize their ACT and SAT test scores to their full potential.

96% of students increase their score on a second attempt.

Course details and information here.


ACT Diagnostic Test

Identify strengths & weakness. Try an actual ACT run through. Helps plan next testing steps.

IMPORTANT: Only open to students in the class of 2021 who have not previously taken LEAP's ACT-SAT Prep Essentials Course or Tutoring.



ACT Practice Test

LEAP allows a limited number of individual students to join our ACT-SAT Prep Essentials Course for the ACT multiple-choice practice test.

This retired ACT is given in a timed setting in a pencil-to-paper format just like the actual test. Students are able to keep their test and results. Students can then use their results to prepare for testing on their own or include review of their results in LEAP's Individual ACT-SAT Prep Essentials Tutoring.


Understanding ACT Test Results (Free Webinar)

Understanding ACT Diagnostic Results.