College Bound

Equipping college bound high school students is central focus of LEAP's programming and resources. Since 1999, LEAP has prepped countless Greater Cincinnati students as well as students throughout the United States for college entrance tests, privately advised students on selecting colleges and choosing majors, assisted students in writing effective essays for their college applications and more. LEAP can equip students through our small group seminars and workshops or through our Private College Guidance.

Practical Approach to College (PAC)

The road to college for every high school student has several different paths that must be traveled. In this time of increasing college admission standards, it is important your child stands out from the crowd. LEAP has put together the Practical Approach to College (PAC) program to equip parents and students in "PAC'ing" for college. With this package, you are getting the best of LEAP's experience down each pathway of the college process at a package price, with services included only for those in the PAC program, and guaranteed early registration for our ACT-SAT Prep Essentials courses. Click here for the PAC Registration Form.

The Pathways of PAC

  1. LEAP's ACT/SAT Prep Essentials Course

    At the time of PAC registration, the student may select the prep session of his or her choice. Non-PAC students may not register until one month prior to the start of class. Openings are first come, first serve in order of PAC registration.

  2. LEAP's PAC Seminars for Families

    Winter/Spring of junior year: College Selection Seminar where LEAP advises families on considerations for college selection, what to do on a college visit, suggested timelines and much more. Summer/Fall of senior year: College Application Seminar covers different types of applications and how to complete them, how and when colleges notify students of a decision, advise on obtaining optimum recommendation letters, recommended timeline for completion and much more to help your child stand out from others.

  3. LEAP's PAC Workshops for Students

    Winter/Spring of junior year: College Resume Writing Workshop where students learn the importance of a resume and are guided through the process of putting one together. Summer after junior year: College Essay Writing Workshop teaches students the essential elements of an effective essay for college application and gets them started on writing their essay.

  4. College Essay Review

    After attending the College Essay Writing Workshop, students will have a one-hour individual revision session with a LEAP writing coach. The student will refine and polish the essay started during the workshop.

  5. College and Testing Guidance

    LEAP will be here to readily assist in the college selection and application process. Your personal LEAP advisor will equip you and assist on researching schools, provide guidance on test prep, and make individualized recommendations based upon your student's scores, GPA, personality and career inventory and other individual factors. Our goal is the right fit for your student.

College Major and Career Coaching

The Birkman Method is an industry leader in the area of personality assessment and career interest inventory. This multi-dimensional tool eclipses all others as it assesses what makes an individual tick. By focusing on usual behaviors, underlying needs, stress behaviors and interests, The Birkman Method not only reveals multiple, ingrained personality dimensions but relates them to best match careers.

This assessment will help you disprove the myth that it now takes more than four years to graduate from college. If a student can start college having chosen a career where they are confident their needs will be met, interests embraced and stresses avoided, parents are certain to save thousands upon thousands in tuition.

Students take the 45 minute assessment online in the comfort of their home. The family will receive a comprehensive report via email and up to 90 minutes of consultation on the results and relating them to college and economically sound right fit career choices. Interested? Want to save thousands in future tuition? Are you ready to equip your student for career fulfillment? Contact LEAP to set-up your assessment.

Essay and Resume Development

On college applications, the opportunity to be more than an ACT/SAT score or a GPA is in writing an effective essay. The essay is the student's opportunity to have a voice and sell him or herself to the university of his or her dreams. Typically, in three to five individual coaching sessions, a student can be taught the elements of an effective essay then write, revise and polish his or her essay to stand out from the sea of other applicants. LEAP's experienced writing coaches are ready to assist.

PSAT Preparation

For most sophomores and juniors, the PSAT is an excellent practice test that accounts for nothing more than practice. For select juniors at the top of test takers in the sophomore year, they have the potential to be a National Merit Qualifier. National Merit is a national scholarship competition and a high honor. The PSAT is the first step in the National Merit Scholarship competition. In 2010, LEAP students were announced as National Merit Semi Finalist and Commended Student.

High scoring sophomores should consider preparing for the PSAT they will take in mid-October of their junior year. LEAP prepares these students individually with our focused and individualized tutoring program either the summer prior to the junior year or in the fall of the junior year.

Private College Guidance

For families desiring the most individualized approach for their college bound student of any age, LEAP Private College Guidance may be the best choice. Each of our advisors has worked with college bound high school students for over 20 years. We started by teaching in the classroom and transitioned to the private sector for college advising. Whether your junior high student is embarking on high school and wanting to build a 4-year high school schedule for success or you are nearing the end of your college selection and application journey, our college advisors can step in to help maximize for success!

Since 1999, we have advised countless students in making the most of their time in high school so they are what colleges want. We firmly believe there is a best fit college out there for every student. LEAP students have strong resumes highlighting active and engaged students, well thought out 4-year high school plans with appropriate rigor, an eye on best-fit economically sound future careers and the majors that lead to them, the ability to market themselves to the colleges so they stand out from the crowd and are regularly achieving their dreams.

The success of our approach is our students' results. From resolving ACT pacing issues to increased ACT-SAT scores including those in the top 5% and National Merit Finalists, Semi-Finalists and Commended to students. From admittance to local flagship universities to selective schools like Boston College, University of Miami, University of Chicago and more. From successfully assisting students in getting off the wait-list at Ohio State or those deferred from Early Action to the regular pool into Miami. Future teachers, business leaders, engineers, doctors and lawyers have all benefited from LEAP's Private College Guidance.

LEAP's ACT-SAT Prep Essentials Course

LEAP has developed our own, unique curriculum that can be taught individually or in one of our small-group (15 or fewer students) classes. As LEAP is the anti-franchise, you will find our program to be affordable and personal.

At the center of our approach are these core beliefs:

  • Prep can benefit All students
  • Pupil to teacher ratio should be low
  • Periods of lengthy lecture are exhausting
  • Practice should be pencil to paper just like the tests
  • Parent involvement makes a difference which is why parents get weekly emails
  • Practice for one test benefits both
  • Practice, practice, practice is the key!

LEAP has a two-phased approach to ACT and SAT preparation. Our philosophy allows students, in a small group setting, to get some test preparation without committing to a high number of sessions and costly fees while still allowing for intense preparation for those who need and want such. Families who desire only individual instruction may choose this option and forego the phase one class.

Phase One: Strategies Course

The course consists of four - 90 minute strategy sessions taught by high school English and math teachers: English, Mathematics, Reading/Science, and Essay. Each strategy session includes introduction to the ACT and SAT tests, explanation of strategies for particular questions, group practice of strategies, independent practice and question/answer time. The class also includes the administration of a three-hour ACT retired test that is scored and students can keep reviewing. At the conclusion of the course, students will have completed at least 3 full ACT's and 1 optional SAT. All courses limited to 15 students, but we offer several opportunities each session to accommodate many students. Classes are offered prior to every test date.

Phase Two: ACT/ SAT Individual Tutoring

After students have taken their first test and have received their scores, students may register for individual tutoring to strengthen weak areas prior to their next testing attempt. The advantage here is highly individualized instruction to meet the student's needs for college entrance. Students wishing to forego the classand focus only on individual tutoring may do so.

Registration starts one month prior to each class and is first come, first serve. Registration is simple,secure and convenient at all hours on the LEAP website. Classes are held at LEAP's Mason site or your site or school. Contact LEAP for more information on our Remote Location Program.