Ohio students are given the ACT or the SAT in the late winter or spring of their junior year. It is taken during the school day, during the week – not on a Saturday.  This test counts as a REAL ACT to send to colleges too!

  • Know your test date! Don’t assume it’s the same as last year. These dates vary from year to year. there are also multiple test dates from which schools choose. So your date may not be the same as your sibling’s date last year, maybe not even the same month! And it could be different from your friend in a neighboring school district. For the Greater Cincinnati area, these are the 2018 known test dates we’ve verified with your school counseling office. Once you see it here, verify it again with your school!
  • Align prep to your test date. At LEAP our data since 1999 shows students who prep before a first attempt ultimately test fewer times and spend less time and money on testing. We are seeing a pattern of students incorrectly assuming their state test date then registering for a LEAP prep class or individual tutoring that doesn’t align. When our ACT-SAT Director catches these in our office, she reaches out to reschedule into a class with proper alignment.
  • Complete your personal test information correctly. If you have an existing ACT account from registering for an ACT or SAT prior to taking your state test, it’s vital your name and home mailing address match exactly on state test date and in your ACT account. After testing, these two will merge into one online account. Not having an exact match will slow the process and create a delay in receiving your scores.