The PSAT (a pre-SAT) taken by 11th grader (and many younger students), and it’s also the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Competition (NMSC).

Students tested in October and their scores become available in December 2017. Scores will be available online for families in each student’s CollegeBoard account.

So how can you receive your scores NOW?

  1. Go to the CollegeBoard website.
  2. If you already have a CollegeBoard account, login to see if your scores are available. (If you don’t have a CB account, jump to Step 3.) Scores aren’t in there? That’s because when you (or your school) registered you for the PSAT, they used a different email address than you previously registered in the CB system. Go to Step 3.
  3. Create your CollegeBoard online account here. Be sure to use the email address your school (or you) would have used when registering for the PSAT in the fall. If your school registered you because they automatically give the PSAT to all juniors, then it is likely your assigned school email address. Use this when creating your account.
  4. Login to retrieve scores.
  5. You logged in and still don’t see your scores? Contact your school to determine with which email address your scores are associated. Still no luck? Your school should be giving you a paper report in January.

A perfect PSAT is 1520 based on two sections: Reading/Writing 760 and Math 760. Add your two scores together and you get your total based on the 1520 scale. Keep in mind the SAT’s perfect score is 1600. The PSAT and SAT are concorded, so whatever your PSAT score is would indicate your likely SAT score.

Want to see a sample PSAT score report? Request one from LEAP. We will also be hosting a LIVE webinar on interpreting scores and posting the video for LEAP families to watch. Register NOW to attend the January 9th event.

The scales for PSAT and SAT are easy to correlate to make decisions on ACT or SAT and how to prep for best results. Remember, LEAP recommends you prep before ACT and SAT testing. Learn how it can save time, money and result in better scores.  Before you do any testing, get your Personalized ACT-SAT Testing Plan for FREE from LEAP