If you live in a state that gives a statewide ACT or SAT, such as Ohio, Colorado, Michigan, Kentucky and many others, dates have been set for 2018. These dates should be considered when planning ahead for junior year college entrance testing. For those taking algebra 2 as a junior, LEAP advises your state test be your first test.

For those who completed algebra 2 sophomore year or sooner, LEAP recommends your first attempt being prior to state testing. We do not recommend February and March National Test Dates as they are too close to the state test dates. State results are historically available four weeks after testing, unlike national testing which can be available as early as ten days later.

You’ll want to inquire of your local school district the testing date and if your school is doing pencil-to-paper or online testing. LEAP prefers pencil-to-paper.


  • Paper: February 27th or March 20th (this is a change from an earlier announcement)
  • Online: Between February 27th and March 8th


  • Paper: March 7th or April 10th
  • Online: Between April 10th and 12th

Fine print on these dates indicate they are subject to change pending final contract approval.

Join LEAP in planning your FULL testing timeline at our next Test Planning Workshop, June 27th at 7:30 via webinar.