Each year I speak and write many, many times on topics related to testing: PLAN, ACT, PSAT, SAT and SAT Subject tests. In an effort to give an overview of testing and the many topics for consideration, we are pulling together our greatest hits from the College Bound Blog.

The PLAN and PSAT tests are warm-ups for the real thing. Taking these tests and understanding these scores are a first step in planning for ACT and/or SAT success.

While most students start their testing in the second half of the junior year, there may be good reasons to start early or wait along with many other considerations when it comes to planning your testing timeline.

If you are a student on a 504 or IEP, you’ll want to apply for extended time or other accommodations when it comes time to test. Having a 504 or IEP will not automatically grant you extended time.

As you register for testing, you’ll be faced with questions like should I take the writing portion of the ACT and should I send my scores to colleges now.

Once you receive your scores you’ll wonder if you should test again and what are your chances you’ll improve. Missing college readiness benchmarks may have you doubting yourself when you shouldn’t.

When it’s time to apply to colleges in the fall of your senior year, you’ll hear the term “Super Score” being thrown around and question what your super score would be as well as if it can help you get into the school of your dreams.

Many of you plan a year in advance for your family vacation.  College choice will have far greater impact on your future, so put at least as much or more time into planning your College Bound Journey.  Good Luck!